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DAN is an exchange of advertisements based on blockchain technology, it is a revolution of offline and online advertising in general. Our goal is to maximally simplify the placement of advertising, the addition of new advertising spots, and the reward of consumers for viewing advertising.

Our whitepaper


The DAN has several layers: the first one is the ad exchange, which is built on Ethereum smart contracts with a few solutions for a quicker layer on top of that (or side-by-side) being experimented upon. The ad exchange is built in a way to facilitate the entire relationship between publishers, advertisers and end users, therefore replacing the usual network of multiple exchanges, SSPs and DSPs and all the complexity, inaccurancy and inefficiency that comes with it. On top of the exchange, we are building dapps for the publisher portal, advertiser portal and the DAN profile (for end users). Dapps are distributed applications that connect to the Ethereum blockchain and interact with it, but typically with a user-friendly user interface. All of those dapps will be bot-messangers or browser-based and easily accessible online, hosted by DAN – but since they’re interacting with the blockchain directly, anyone can run their own instance of those dapps if they want to.

Our Team

Oleksandr Rudenko
Oleksandr RudenkoFounder & Software engineer
More than 10 years of web development experience. Bachelor of Science, Manager of Information and Computer Systems in Multimedia Business.
Anatolii Prokhorov
Anatolii ProkhorovFounder & ICO Product Manager
Anatolii has 8 years of experience in web development, project management. Since 2014, the project manager Webiz for the sale of online stores. Strategist. Well-versed in crypto currencies.