Ways to wash your dog bowl


If you have a dog living in your house, you should treat it as one of your own. Make sure that the dogs not only eat well but also eat from a clean bowl. Many dogs have had health complications because the owners have neglected the need to wash their dog’s bowl. Some only wipe the dog bowl after the dog has finished eating. Wiping your dog’s bowl is not cleaning. If there are any bacteria on the stainless steel dog bowls, they will still cling to them even after you have tried to wipe them off. There are many ways through which you can wash your dog bowl. Here are some of the most suitable ways to clean your dog bowl

Using the dishwasher

You should consider washing your dog’s bowl in your dishwasher with your regular dishwashing detergent because the heat will be very effective in killing all the germs and the bacteria. When it comes to a dog bowl, you should use the highest heat setting on your dishwasher. This is very important because some types of bacteria such as salmonella can easily withstand warm temperatures. It is also vital that you use a detergent. To make sure that the bacteria will not live, you should consider soaking the dog bowl in a bleach-water solution. Do it for at least ten minutes before you can wash the dog bowl. If the dog bowl is cleaned regularly, you can clean them in the same load where you clean your dishes.


Apart from using a dishwasher, you can also choose to use hand wash to clean your dog bowl. If you do not have a dishwasher, you do not have to refrain from washing your dog bowl or rob a bank to buy one. Cleaning your dog’s bowl with your hands can also work very well and can also help in getting rid of bacteria and any germs that might make your dog get sick. Try to look for a suitable detergent to use when washing and use a sponge to wash. When you are handwashing, you should consider washing the metal dog food bowls differently from family dishes just to avoid bacteria growth from being transferred. If possible, it is recommended that you consider using a disposable cloth when washing to avoid any kind of built up.


Cleaning your dog bowl is very important not only for your dog but also for you and your family. If you do not clean your dog bowl, there is a possibility that your dog will get sick and the bacteria can also be transferred to your family members making them sick as well. To avoid such, it is always recommended that you consider washing your dog bowl regularly. There are different ways to wash your dog’s bowl. You can consider using your dishwasher or use your hands to wash the dog bowl. You should wash it after every pet’s meal.

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