TDS Internet: the pros and cons

Currently, TDS Telecom is active in 27 states of the US. As is the case in most telephone services, TDS also uses its wire network to provide Internet and TV connection. The cable and internet network of TDS is functional in 11 states. The focus of TDS is on providing TV com Internet and telephone connection to customers living in suburban and rural areas. However, TDS does have some very busy urban centers in the service coverage area. Recently, TDS has added a fiber optics network connection to its arsenal. Due to this, TDS is able to offer high-speed Internet in around 22 states of the USA.

Currently, the company has more customers in the DSL division compared to the cable or fiber Internet. TDS has ranked 9th in the largest DSL Internet provider in the country. The services of TDS are implemented via the use of ADSL protocol which allows for the availability of more bandwidth for download compared to upload.

TDS is an acronym for telephone and data systems. This is the parent company’s complete name. TDS was founded as a local telephone company in 1969 in Wisconsin, and ever since, it has been expanded to cover many US states. The best services of TDS can be availed in the regions where the fiber optic network is functional. The fiber-optic network is currently active in Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Currently, TDS is rapidly expanding the fiber-optic network in the urban regions thanks to the fund it has received from FCC’s connect America. Even though TDS has two-year discounts on the bundles and Internet services, it does not lock the customers in an agreement. Despite their headline saying that they do not impose contracts on customers, a service agreement exists that acts as a contract.

However, the agreement tends to place more obligations on the company instead of the customer. The main condition present in the agreement is that the company has to provide a discount for the first two years. This discount is $10 on an Internet-only plan and $20 on the bundles which combine telephone, TV, and Internet services.

If customers of low housing income wish to avail themselves of discounts from TDS, they can use the lifeline scheme. The lifeline scheme has been released by the government and is available for individuals families who received government assistance. The qualifications for being eligible for a lifeline differ from one state to the other. However, if the person qualifies for the program, they can avail a discount of $9.25 on the Internet subscription fee.

TDS Internet plans

Extreme 300

  • This plan offers a download speed of 300 Mbps
  • There is no minimum term
  • The customers do not have to enroll in a contract
  • There is no data cap
  • The promotional price is $40 per month.
  • After the promotion ends, the regular price is $55.95 per month.
  • The equipment cost is $8 per month.

Extreme 600

  • The download speed is 600 Mbps
  • There is no minimum turn
  • The customers do not have to enroll in a contract
  • There is no data cap
  • The promotional price is $55 per month period
  • Once the promotion ends, the regular price is $65 per month period
  • The equipment cost is$8 per month

1 gig

  • Download speed is 1 Gbps
  • There is no minimum term
  • The customers don’t have to enroll in a contract
  • There is no data cap
  • The promotional price is $75 per month.
  • Once the promotion ends, the regular price is $85 per month.
  • The equipment cost is $8 per month.

The promotional period lasts for 24 months. All of the above-mentioned prices are subjected to the different states’ tax, which may differ according to the laws.

Customer service

TDS understands the importance of customer service. Every customer who has enrolled with TDS will get a different email account. The emails that the customer receives on that specific email address can be accessed via the TDS websites. The website also has a separate customer area that is predicted by the customer’s account credential. Therefore only an individual customer with the credential can view the home page. This home page allows the customers to raise tickets about the technical difficulties they are facing, check the replies that have come from the technicians, check their bills, pay the bill, etcetera.

TDS also provides a free phone number to the customers so that the customers can place a call to the service center without any additional cost. The customers are also allowed to contact the different sales departments as well as the Technical Support department via email. Furthermore, there is a chat facility on the website. TDS aims to offer the best customer service possible to its customers.

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