What Factors to Consider Before Buying Case Sealers?

The case sealer is one of the most valuable machines used in packaging units. The semi-automatic and Fully automatic case sealer is used to close and protect cases through adhesive tape. This particular equipment has multiple benefits, such as using less adhesive tape, increasing workers’ productivity, reducing the number and frequency of injuries, and higher output. However, choosing a suitable case sealer can be difficult with the availability of a wide range of case sealers. This article enlists tips to help the business owner buy the right case sealers.

  • Case Size

Does a production or packaging unit deal with an inventory of all case sizes, from smallest to largest? Check the Fully automatic case sealer that one is considering buying is compatible with all sizes. Always remember that the capacity can vary widely from model to model, even within the same line of sealers.

  • Case Weight

Regardless of make, all case sealers feature the maximum capacity in terms of case weight this equipment can handle. When choosing the case sealers, make sure to know the weight of the products to be packed and the packaging unit’s requirements.

  • The Variety of Cases

The needs of packaging units vary depending on whether the cases it seals are of the same size or different sizes. If cases of varying sizes are to be passed randomly through the same packaging line, the equipment must adjust automatically. And not all models of case sealers can adjust automatically.

Only those case sealers with sensors to adapt to different case sizes can make this possible. Therefore, packaging managers should consider installing auto-adjusting case sealers to seal cases of different sizes. This particular equipment doesn’t require manual adjustment of the tape heads before different-sized cases. On the other hand, if a packing unit deals with uniform-sized cases, it’s worth buying a standard sealer model.

  • Work Environment

The following important factor to consider is where case sealers are to be operated- in a normal working environment or a high-humidity environment. Suppose the case sealers are to be operated in a high-humidity or food production environment. In that case, it’s better to invest in a stainless steel case sealer as it’s specifically designed for such conditions. However, if the case sealer is to be operated in a normal working environment, consider buying an enameled steel model.

  • Production Volume

Buying case sealers is only worthwhile if the volume of cases to be sealed is over 150 per day. Once it’s determined that this investment is the right decision for the business, figure out the model best suited to the anticipated production volume. Don’t forget to check the maximum output rate of the chosen equipment to ensure it will meet future requirements.


Selecting the suitable case sealer is crucial to production and packaging operation efficiency and effectiveness. A Fully automatic case sealer seeds up the operation and ensure that cases are sealed correctly for transportation. These tips will help the entrepreneur buy the right case sealer model for his business. In addition, always buy case sealers from a reliable manufacturer or dealer.

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