Best banks for personal banking

Banks offer their products and services to individuals, businesses, and large corporates. Individual customers represent the largest fraction of a bank’s customer base to avail of banking services and products daily. So, banks emphasise personal banking and bring innovative financial services and products to serve individual customers.

However, the extent of services varies from bank to bank, so you may need to research while opening a bank account with your preferred bank. The article below lists the best banks offering personal banking.

Here are a few of banks offering best personal banking services

Banks and financial institutions offer several features and benefits in personal banking services. You get various savings and deposit accounts to grow your wealth and save for future expenses.

In addition, you can also avail yourself of digital banking services through online banking without having the hassles of visiting a bank branch. Here are the best banks that offer personal banking services.

    IDFC FIRST Bank is a leading bank offering various personal banking services such as savings, current, and deposit accounts to manage your finances. In addition, you can access your bank account digitally through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile application, which offers complete access to your funds and account.

With digital banking convenience, you can open a bank account with IDFC FIRST Bank without the hassles of visiting the bank personally. The bank offers attractive interest rates on savings account and fixed deposits (FDs).

  • HDFC Bank
    HDFC Bank offers customisable personal banking products and services. You get an array of personal banking products and services ranging from savings, deposits, and current and investment accounts. The bank also provides online access through net banking and mobile banking apps.

Among digital services, you can conveniently open an online savings account without hassles, transfer funds in real time, and manage your account. Using the digital platform, you can also apply for personal loans and credits online.

  • State Bank of India
    Along with offline services available at its branches, SBI offers comprehensive digital banking through internet banking and the YONO mobile application. Using the app, you can access your bank account anytime and enjoy personal banking services at your fingertip. You can open an online account in a few minutes with SBI’s digital banking services.
  • Axis Bank
    You get financial products like savings, current, and deposit accounts at competitive rates with Axis Bank. Along with personal banking products, you also get a full suite of digital banking through Axis Bank’s mobile application. Enjoy seamless fund transfers, bill payments and convenient borrowing through digital banking from the bank.

Choosing the right bank for your personal banking is crucial as it helps you manage your daily finances and save your earnings. In addition, with suitable features and benefits like efficient fund management, transparent charges, and high-interest rates, you can amplify your financial growth.

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