How to bet on corners in soccer

Most popular bookmakers offer a wide range of bets on a variety of sporting events. Bets on corners in soccer are especially popular today. Experienced bettors quickly appreciated the high potential of winning in such bets and began to develop new strategies, as well as to improve the old ones.

It is worth noting that it is difficult for beginners, who do not yet have much experience in betting and often get lost when analyzing and finding facts, to bet on corner kicks that may occur during the game. But thanks to the Scores24 information site, you can improve your results right from the start by studying the recommendations provided. Thus, football predictions today are a great tool for the beginner. With its help, you can quickly understand all the nuances and gradually learn to objectively assess the potential of clubs, and thus – to make winning and productive bets.

Corner kicks: features and characteristics

Corner kick is a method by which the game is resumed. It is appointed by the referee in the situation when the ball crosses the goal line, while touching the player of the attacking team. Just like free kicks, corner kicks often have an effect on the game and increase the chances of the attacking club scoring a goal.

There are certain factors that can clearly indicate the dominance of one of the clubs in this statistical parameter.  It is worth noting that corners are the advantage of the attacking team. The unequal distribution of corners given during the game, primarily indicates that one team is actively attacking, the second – reliably defending. Focusing on this factor, players can choose for themselves a meeting where the estimated number of corners is more than average or less.

How to analyze a team’s potential for successful betting on corner kicks?

A superficial analysis of league standings can provide generalized information about a team’s defensive and offensive potential. Such sources indicate the number of goals scored and conceded. But this is not enough to form a complete picture. A number of factors should be taken into account here:

  • the current composition of the team;
  • level of performance of players in midfield, defense and offense;
  • the class and tactics of the goalkeeper;
  • the state of the field and weather conditions;
  • the venue of the match (away or home);
  • the presence of long passes (long ball);
  • teams’ playing style;
  • the interest of the clubs in this meeting.

Do not conduct a simple analysis of the statistics of wins and losses. It is necessary to understand the manner of play of each team and the presence of real interest in winning.

Corner predictions often help experienced players to benefit in situations where other types of betting do not bring results. Corners are promising in both pre match and live betting.

The main advantage of betting on corners is that with a competent approach it is easier to make a fairly accurate prediction than, for example, on the outcome of the meeting. In this case, it takes less time to analyze: sometimes it is enough to study the statistical data and watch the match. You can also additionally study the opinions of professional experts.

What kind of bets to give preference to is the individual choice of each bettor. Variety will never be superfluous, you can try different options. For some people it is betting on corners that becomes their “lucky ticket”. So in this matter you can safely experiment. Regular attempts and constant development will surely lead to a positive result.

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