How Long Can You Preserve Your Weed? Dos and Donts To Storing Weed

In case you bought some quality cheap weed in bulk and you want it to hold a fair value of its flavor and potency, you’ll need to do more than just that average bag. How long can this stash stay? How do I preserve it after I buy weed online? These and many questions alike have probably crossed our minds at some point. While there is no exact expiring date for cannabis, storing it well can keep it in good condition for about seven months to a year.

Keeping cannabis fresh for an extended period is simple when you have the right knowledge up your sleeves. We’ll go through things to do and not do to keep weed fresh soon. But before then, it is essential to understand some fundamental factors that affect weed aging, preservation, and the results of aged weed.

Factors That Affect Weed Aging

  • Humidity:

if the preservation method inculcated allows too much moisture to the stash, you are at the risk of mold formation. If there is also less moisture, the cannabis will end up drying out essential oil and withering away. So you might want to balance things up; the average humidity of the storage place should be between the range of 59% and 63%.

  • Temperature:

High temperature will hasten the degradation process of cannabinoids and terpenes. Basically, you might want to leave the storage area of your cannabis not hotter than 25.5C. Anything hotter than that could cost you your flowers aroma, flavor, THC.

  • Light:

Imagine how a vehicle’s paint fades after consistent exposure to light rays from the sun. This is similar to what happens to your cannabis over time when exposed to light (UV) rays. UV rays gradually break down the organic materials and THC in the stash.

What Happens when your weed gets old?

  • Diminished THC

As weed is continuously exposed to heat, air, and light, the cannabinoids present in it, including the THC, begins to break down. Although it doesn’t happen quickly, the change can be noticed within a few weeks of improper storage. It won’t be so bad in the first weeks, but it won’t get you as high as it should if you smoked it as you got it.

  • THC Converts to CBN

As the THC diminishes, it doesn’t just disappear; it is converted to another cannabinoid called CBN. The CBN contains some mild psychoactive properties, although it won’t get you high.

  • Diminished Flavor

As the terpenes dry out over time, the taste of the weed becomes different. Upon smoking, you tend to get a harsh sensation with no pleasantness or satisfaction.

What to do and what not to do when storing weed


  • Store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Store in containers with less heat conductivity or neutral charge, such as a glass Mason jar.
  • Use Hygrometers to monitor and control the storage space’s humidity, especially when your store in bulk.


  • Store in a refrigerator, except it is vacuum-sealed and humidity regulated.
  • Store in plastic bags or containers. If you must use plastic bags, make sure they are high-quality bags and only for a short time.
  • Store around objects, appliances, or places that give off heat. Be sure the storage area is cool.
  • Store in freezers. Freezing temperature causes the fragile trichomes to become brittle and break off when handled.

Except you sell or cultivate cannabis, it is advisable you smoke it in a timely fashion where you don’t need to store it for too long or worry about losing its value. Should you buy weed online today, exhaust it within a few weeks to enjoy the value. Cheap weed does not mean you should buy in bulk and smoke gradually.

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