How a fetal Doppler device is used

Fetal Doppler devices are used by pregnant to check if their babies have a healthy heartbeat during the first few weeks of pregnancy. These devices can be purchased easily from online stores or even local stores. Once purchased, you can use the device to determine if your unborn child has a healthy heartbeat or not. Even though there are mixed feelings about the safety of these devices, there are people who really believe in their effectiveness that it would be hard to convince them otherwise.

Regardless of whether you are a strong fan of Doppler devices or not, it is important to always be open-minded. If you are anxious about your pregnancy, you are advised to speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Also, you can talk to your doctor or a mid-wife about having them check your unborn child’s health if you have any reason to be concerned about fetal Doppler devices.

In this next section, let us take a look at how a Doppler device is used to measure and check the heartbeat of unborn babies.

What you should do before you get a Doppler device

First of all, before you get on with using a Doppler device, you are advised to speak to your doctor or mid-wife to see if they can recommend a specific device or brand. These health practitioners have more experience with using these devices and may be in a position to provide advice regarding what device to use. You may also want to speak to your doctor to determine if there are any factors that make using a Doppler specifically unsafe for your and/or your child. If it turns out that there are any factors that make it unsafe for you to use a Doppler device, it is best to stay away from them. However, if there is no factor that makes it especially risky for you or your child and you feel like you can’t wait to check the heartbeat of your child, then you can go ahead and buy yourself a Doppler device.

How to use the device

Once you purchase the device, you need to start by reading all the instructions that the device comes with. You will need to follow all the instructions to the letter for the safety of your child and yourself. Doppler devices are usually most effective after the onset of the second trimester. As such, you should not use the device too early because chances are that you will not be able to detect a heartbeat and you will have wasted your time for nothing. Not being able to detect a heartbeat at this stage of pregnancy can also get you worried that something may be wrong with your child when in fact it is not. While using the device, ensure that you apply aloe vera or ultrasound gel on your stomach first. The purpose of the gel is to make it easier for you to hear the heartbeat of your child.

Last words…

You should use the device at its maximum volume and minimize the number of times you use it on yourself. The heartbeat should be easily detectable within one to two minutes of using the device and if this doesn’t happen, you are advised not to keep trying.

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