Make More Efficient Completion Using Renegade Wireline Services

Selecting the right type of oil/gas service company meant for the well site can often be quite challenging, as even small mistakes can prove to be costly. Timely completion can play a very important role to determine the real economic benefits of the productive well.

You will need very efficiently-managed process right from the start to finish for preventing bottlenecks and to make sure that the job will be done right first time.

Renegade WLS combines both technical expertise as well as excellent vendor relationships for bringing you most effective completion services.

A dedicated crew

The Renegade will ensure that they use right crew for all jobs which is better than depending on any third-party workers. They hire and then train the operators for every role thoroughly.

Besides that, their service crews are available 24/7 basis with best industry knowledge.

Proper tools for all jobs

Renegade Services will be using modern completion tools and if the right tools meant for certain jobs are not available then they create the tools.

Experience in latest technologies

Technology touches almost everything, and industry of oil and gas is no exception too. Renegade Services is always on top with the latest technological development for helping you to make your process efficient and productive.

Mess-free and eco-friendly greaseless lines

In completion operations, eco-friendly will be an important factor. Renegade Services will improve upon conventional line that needs pumping grease as means of maintaining pressure control.

By using greaseless line, you can eliminate usual mess. This will not only make the pumping process stage simpler and much less complicated, but also it will keep the worksite much cleaner.

You can say goodbye to various community concerns as regards to environmental impact of this wellhead construction. There are proactive solutions available from Renegade Services that can naturally address all these concerns.

Prevent well loss by using pressure control

Often blowouts are potential catastrophe which can happen. Every well-site operator will do anything possible to avoid one. They will address the issue proactively by providing top quality pressure control services.

By maintaining proper control on pressure on-site will prevent accidents.

One-stop shop who will provide economical convenience

They will not just solve your problems but also prevent them by using highly trained operators, right equipment combination and also well-functioning crew present on location, who can anticipate any problem before they occur.

There is no need to spend time locating and managing group of crew-members as all the tasks which needed will be done. You just leave everything to them and you can really count on them, as job will be done with high level of efficiency.

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