Domestic helper hiring costs

People have different reasons for deciding to hire domestic helpers, but one of the most common one is the lack of affordable kindergartens, nurseries, and other childcare facilities. Most families find it to be more convenient and cheaper to just employ a domestic helper who can stay at home and provide around-the-clock care to their children. With the kind of help domestic helpers offer, you and your spouse can find more time to earn more money for the household because you can now both work. Hiring a domestic helper is usually much cheaper in comparison to hiring professional elderly nursing services or professional childcare. Whereas that may be true, but do you know how much the whole process of hiring a domestic helper cost? No? Ok, let’s find out.

Work visa and paperwork

To hire a domestic helper, you will have two options at your disposal. You can choose to either hire directly or to go through an employment agency. The advantage of hiring directly without an employment agency is that the process costs you and your domestic helper less. However, regardless of the process you choose to go through, you will need to pay the work visa fee for your helper. Depending on the country of origin of your helper, you may apply for the work visa yourself.

You can also choose to go through an employment agency due to consulates’ requirements. In case your helper uses their own money to cover all the costs involved in the migration process from their country to your country, you will need to reimburse them when they arrive. In this case, you will need to pay for fee charged by their country of origin, mandatory insurance fee, medical examination fee, visa fee, and travel costs.

Salary and food allowance/free food

In most countries, there is usually a minimum monthly wage that the employer is required to pay their domestic helpers. As such, depending on the country you are in, you will need to meet the minimum wage requirement set by your country. You should visit the Department of Labor to find out how much your country has set as the minimum wage requirement for domestic helpers.

Beside the minimum domestic helper, you will also be required to provide your domestic helper with sufficient food on a daily basis. If not, then you will be required to provide a monthly food allowance to the helper.

Transport fees, insurance, and training

Since your helper may need to incur some daily expenses in course of doing their work such as making trips to the market, you will be required to reimburse them if they use their own money. You will also pay for their transport to your house on arrival as well as transport back to their home country when their contract expires or if you decide to terminate their employment.

You will also be required to pay insurance premium on employee compensation insurance and other kinds of insurance.

First time domestic helpers may be required to undergo some training to qualify for the job. Training cost is usually paid by the helper, but you can pay for them if you choose to. This is the most common 外傭.

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