Best ways to eliminate pests in your manufacturing facility

There are no two ways about it; pests are pests. You might have your local extermination business on speed dial, but this could prove costly unless you take precautions to pest-proof your business yourself. Whether you have an insect problem, rats, or birds, this guide offers some tips on the best ways to eliminate pests in your place of business.

Offer plenty of garbage cans

It is important to offer plenty of garbage cans, preferably with lids, for your employees to use and, if possible, have separate ones for recycling waste from those that are for food waste. You will then be able to hire someone to empty these garbage cans regularly, such as twice a day, once after lunch breaks have been completed, and once at the end of each working day to make sure that the litter does not build up.

Composting or rotting food can smell divine to certain pests, and by leaving food waste or the containers that carried the food lying around, you will be inviting all of those pests to come and dine at your business premises.

Leave nowhere to hide

It is a very good idea that you do not provide these pests with areas to nest or shelter, such as in heaps of recycling or cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. You can do this by using a baler. There are many different sizes of baler available on the market, new and second hand. With so many different types on the market, it is important that you do your research to ensure that you obtain one suitable for your business requirements.

Once you have your baler on site, getting the right bale wire can be the difference from being able to complete the job quickly and easily to spending ages having to adapt the wrong wire for the job in hand. There are businesses such as that have a large range of good quality bale wire and also include information on which baler and product each wire is suitable for.

Install PVC strip doors

Making sure that all external doors remain closed when not in use is one way of stopping easy access to your building for pests to use. However, when it comes to areas such as your warehouse, you may find that the doors are left open for long periods of time and that to keep closing them would be costly when it comes to employee time.

This is just the way that business goes, but there is an easy option available to you that would mean that your warehouse doors could stay open when they need to be and still not let any (or very few) of the pests in. This can be done by installing PVC strip doors or curtains. They are easy enough for your workers and forklifts, as well as other equipment to get through, but are a little bit trickier for birds and other pests to navigate.

These three simple tips are easy ways to reduce pest activity in your business.

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