Things to Know Regarding Sanitary Tank Bottom Valves

Sanitary tank bottom valve are valves that are fitted at the bottom of the tank for emptying, filling or draining of the tank when any need arises. All the processes will occur with minimal dead leg.

This valve has conical shape which makes it possible for draining the tank by preventing the occurrence of areas and dead legs which trap dirt within your tank.

These sanitary valves are widely used for dairy, food processing, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Types of Sanitary Tank Bottom Valves

You can find many types of such sanitary tank bottom valves. Few most common types can be as follows:

  1. Sanitary Tank Bottom Ball Valves
  2. Sanitary Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valves
  3. Mix proof Sanitary Tank Bottom Valves

How to fix Sanitary Tank Bottom Valve

These valves can be fixed in 2 ways. The methods will include the following:

  • Bolting

In order to fix sanitary tank bottom valves bolts and nuts are used. Metallic bolts will hold valves in the right place firmly.

  • Welding

Welding will involve using high-temperature electric heat for holding the valves into its place. Usually, the valve will be welded at the bottom where usually draining and emptying are done.

Areas of Usage

This type of valve has extensive usage and mostly used in beverage industries, chemical, medicine, pharmaceutical and various food-processing industries.

Design Features

These valves are specifically designed to enable them for working effectively. Their design is so made that every detail which goes in final valve helps it in its proper functioning.

For optimum performance the design will contain the following details:

  • Hygienic design as per 3A standard.
  • Its complete discharge system will avoid retention.
  • As default it will be normally closed and both closed and open functions are interchangeable with 180° rotation of the cylinder.
  • After welding to its tank, it will be 360° adjustable.
  • Open lantern to visually inspect shaft sealing.
  • Easier assembly/disassembly just by loosening the clamp in middle of valve body parts.

How to Choose Right Sanitary Tank Bottom Valve

Nowadays, there are many varieties of valves available in the market and choosing one of the best one often becomes a bit difficult. Few things to consider while buying sanitary valve will be the material, size required, the purpose and method of connection.

Few others considerations will be the resistance of valve, inner surface of valve and also the valve actuation.

There are number of manufacturers available for this kind of valves that you can also find from the internet.

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