Stainless steel pipe roughness

Stainless Steel Pipe is produced and used for various industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The uses and applications differ in requirements. To cater all the needs, different grades and standards of pipes are produced. One of the important measurements is the pipe roughness. The absolute pipe roughness measures the pipe wall irregularities in commercially produced pipes. This is important in highly sensitive applications where the changes and fluctuations in the diameter of the pipe will cause fluctuations in pressure and fluid flow. The higher the precision requirement, the lower the roughness average is expected. The Stainless Steel Pipe is produced in two major categories. One is seamless and the other is ERW. The ERW is electric resistant welded, meaning it is hot rolled and is welded during the manufacturing procedure.

The ERW pipes therefore have higher roughness average, known as RA. The seamless pipes are cold drawn; they are not welded or rolled during the manufacturing procedure. Therefore they have very less roughness average values and are much precise in dimensions. The seamless stainless steel pipe is used in different applications which require precision measurements. Applications like the nuclear power plants, oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing plants and aerospace industries need much precision than the other industries. Here, the difference in precision might mean a disaster. One of the most used seamless pipes in highly sensitive applications is the 316 type. The ss 316 pipe prices prove to be cost effective, considering the risk factors involved in the respective applications.

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