Gambling has always existed ages ago. Man always had the need to place wagers on the outcome of certain events. The reason for gambling for many differs. Some do it to prove their prowess. Others to emphasize their intellectual skills while a large proportion of others do it to win the items at stake. Still others gamble for the sheer fun of it.

What is football betting all about?

Football betting is the placing of wagers on predicted outcomes of football matches. It involves the placing of wagers on different kinds of possibilities. Football betting has always existed right from the existence of football games. Book makers document the bet of each individual. They are also responsible for overseeing the payment of debts and withdrawal of winnings.

Types of bets made in football events

Total bets

These are bets made on the overall score of the football match. Over bettors are bettors who want their overall predicted score to be higher than the actual score while under bettors want their overall predicted score to be lower than the actual score.

Spread bets

These are bets made in opposition to a spread. A particular team is generally disfavored in this bet while the other is favored. The disfavored team generally called underdogs gives points at the final end of the game. On the other hand, the favored team takes point at the end of the game.

Goal line bets

These are bets in which the two teams participating in the match have similar money line odds. Hence, the money line is sometimes moved by a number of points on either side of the spread bets. These bets are kind of similar to spread bets. Some refer to them as spread bets. However, the team favored or handicapped is not so distinct. This is due to both teams having the same odds.

Money line bets

These bets do not involve betting against a spread. No team is disfavored in this game. Bets are placed on teams winning the match. A particular team might be favored as the one most like to win the match. This team is set to pay low while the other team pays higher. This is done this way to lure bettors to bet on the team with less possibility of winning the game for higher payouts.

Proposition bets

These bets are made in relation to certain results during the course of the game. Bettors make specific bets on the actions of players or likely actions that might happen during the game. For instance, bets could be placed on a certain player getting a yellow card; a certain player scoring the highest number of goals; the number of free kicks played in a game; a certain player scoring a particular number of goals; the number of penalties played in a game; or a particular player being replaced in the game. Bets could also be placed on the varied possession of the ball in the game.


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