Meet The Man With The Plan

One thing that visionaries have in common is their ability to see a few steps ahead of everyone else.

One such visionary is Dan Hollings.

Dan is the foremost expert in the world at many things.

He’s well known as the marketing strategist for The Secret a couple years ago and was in fact the marketing genius who made it go viral, getting it on the Oprah show among many other breakthroughs.

He also has an impressive track record of predicting upcoming trends.

For instance, Dan was one of the first to talk about Dropbox and the concept of file sharing when almost no one had heard of it.

He also foresaw the mass adoption of mobile smart phones before anyone really knew anything about it. So he was a pioneer in the mobile marketing space when everyone was still using one of those dumb phones.

What makes Dan different from other visionaries though, is that he also likes to teach others how to take advantage of the opportunties for themselves.

So in the ecommerce space, he has coached over 30k students to sell successfully on Amazon, generating a combined total of over $986M monthly revenue.

For the last few years, he has been working hard to crack the code on crypto.

Throughout all these ventures, Dan has always had this uncanny ability to see what is coming down the road and to formulate a ‘plan’ to capitalize on it.

Appropriately enough, the crypto system he’s come up with is simply called The Plan.

It’s the culmination of $5 million and 3 years of testing and is his plan for financial freedom by utilizing crypto.

There is a very specific setup that Dan has come up with that has accumulated for Dan up to $700k in pure crypto profit, which he then snowballed into more than $1 million with other methods he’s developed in further phases of his system.

It’s not just Dan though, because the results from other early adopters of this system have been very impressive.

One early adopter, Marcus Lim, said that he got so many aha moments from Dan during his one on one call that he was convinced that Dan Hollings is the man with the plan.

It’s a sentiment expressed by many others who have since jumped on board with Dan Hollings as he takes them on a fascinating journey through crypto space and the exciting future to come in just a few years.

Dan is the best kind of teacher, because he does what he teaches, so none of what he says is theory but actually what he’s learnt from experience by actually doing it.

Dan is also that rare visionary who is able to communicate at a level that appeals to the masses.

This is an important point because even though there are many experts out there, most of them are hopeless when it comes time to communicate what they know.

As they say, experts are often lousy communicators, and often put people to sleep.

Not so with Dan, because he is himself a marketing expert. Remember how he made The Secret go viral?

It’s no wonder that Dan was able to get so many people hyped about The Plan and his results, and in just a few short months, people from close to 100 countries have jumped on board.

But more importantly, Dan’s crypto system is not a scam or gimmick, but does fulfill its promise as a true passive income system.

These people who have jumped on board are the first movers, the pioneers who are following Dan Hollings, their tour guide on this exciting journey.

A lot of them may be fearful of crypto, but at the same time they can also see its potential, and have put their trust in Dan because he does have a plan that works.

Dan has repeatedly said that the main reason for teaching The Plan is to change lives. After all, he’s already well off just doing The Plan himself!

And that’s the other thing about Dan, he genuinely does want to help others for the better.

And so far for the thousands of people who have joined Dan’s The Plan, their trust in Dan has been rewarded, as they earn while they learn.

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