How to Write Best Title Tags for SEO?

  1. Write for the humans first

Of course, titles are read by bots and algorithms and they are the ones responsible for ranking your site, but when they appear on the tops and read by the humans, know that they are the final judge of clicking on it or not. If they don’t, algorithms will learn that your title wasn’t a good one. Avoid keyword stuffing and be more relevant. User intent is another factor to consider. Write according to your target market or if the content is informational or commercial. But firstly, always keep your customers first and picture what would they click on. To get an idea, have a look at what your customers do. Get inspired by them. Or hire writers from local SEO Singapore companies.

  1. Add the main keyword closer to the beginning

Google emphasizes on keywords that are placed closer to the beginning. This boosts the CTR as users click on the links that contain keywords they searched for. There will be cases where you won’t be able to add the focus keyword right in the beginning. Google is smart enough to understand what you wrote about, but you need to give it some tips to grasp it.

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