Handmade Creations: Candle Making Workshop in Singapore

Let’s start with a brief introduction on the history of candle making followed by an explanation of what wax is and why it’s used in candle production. From there we’ll move onto the tools needed for candle production as well as safety tips for working with molten wax before finally setting up our work station which includes all equipment necessary to produce two hand-rolled scented candles.

You’ll be guided through step-by-step instructions on how to create your own unique scent using essential oils that are safe enough for even pets!

In Candle Making Workshop Singapore, you learn how to make candles from scratch. Candle scents: they do affect our moods as well. (e.g., relaxing, energizing)

The benefits of having a good night’s sleep is well documented. People with uninterrupted sleep cycles have been found to be more focused at work, less stressed out during hard times, happier in general life circumstances – basically people who get enough sleep experience an overall improvement in quality of life!

But what about those sleepless nights where we can’t stop tossing and turning? With so many distractions around us these days it may seem like there’s no hope for getting any shut eye – but that’s not true. Candle making is a great way to bring some soothing relief into your bedroom!

They offer a variety of candle making workshops, and each workshop has different benefits! For example: for those who want to have more peace in their bedrooms (or any space really) we recommend doing the “Relaxing Candle” workshop – this is great if you’re feeling stressed out by some life circumstances; while others might prefer to do something like our “Spring Garden Candle DIY session”.

The latter will help with mood swings and increase your overall happiness levels.

Needless to say, all of these are worth trying! You can check out other websites for more information on booking one today!

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