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Make a unique tweet about the DAN project

Make a unique tweet about the DAN project
Make a unique tweet about the DAN project 2018-07-26T11:51:51+00:00
100 – 1000 subscribers, PRICE 20 DAN
1000 – 3000 subscribers, PRICE 30 DAN
3000 – 5000 subscribers, PRICE 40 DAN
More than 5000 subscribers, PRICE 50 DAN


1. Required hashtag #DAN #DANS #ICODAN @dan_service_com
2. No more than one tweet per day.
3. The tweet must be constructive, informative, without negative, a minimum of 80 characters with spaces.
4. The tweet must be unique, i.e. personally written by the author. Simple copying of texts from our publications or articles is not welcome (it may be the reason for refusal or transfer to the “retweet” task)
5. To complete the tasks for placing your tweets, you must participate in the task of “Join the official Twitter channel” and perform weekly activity on it.

Possible topics of publication:

In your tweets we want to see your personal opinion and thoughts about the DAN platform itself, about the bonus referral program for acquiring DAN tokens, about the ongoing bounty DAN campaign. Tweet should be constructive and informative, just write phrases like “good project … good developers … good luck with the project … join” is not necessary.

Bounty Bonus: for each new tweet.
For each new tweet, you need to make a new report

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