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Moderator of the Telegram channel

Moderator of the Telegram channel
Moderator of the Telegram channel 2018-05-19T07:47:14+00:00

Description of the task:

To ensure quality communication with a part of our community speaking Russian / Korean / Japanese / Chinese / English, we need managers for chatting in Telegrams.

The candidate must understand the essence of the project, share the vision of the project team. Even if you still have questions about the project, you can start work right now.

Exciting questions you can ask at the first communication, in addition, and in the future you will have a direct connection with the team.

It is desirable to have two managers in the chat, which will distribute the time to which they will be on-line.

Managers of all chat rooms are united in a special chat room, which includes a supervisor and a representative from the DAN team. The language of the chat is English.

In this chat, all managers can ask questions arising in the process of work, share successes, etc.



Follow the order in the chat: delete spam, insults.

Translate, post news and announcements coming from the team.

Answer questions in the chat. If you do not know the answer to the question, you can always find out in the general chat of DAN managers.

Be a carrier or suffice to know the language you have chosen.

Know English or Russian to communicate with the DAN team.

To have knowledge in the field of crypto-currency and lock-up, sufficient for communication in the crypto community.


Bounty Bonus: Weekly.


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