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Maintaining a topic in the Bitcointalk forum

Maintaining a topic in the Bitcointalk forum
Maintaining a topic in the Bitcointalk forum 2018-05-19T07:59:06+00:00

The task involves active participation in one of the official topics with the announcement of the project, answers to questions about the project, writing news, etc.


1. Only for members with a Member rank and above.

2. Competent and correct answers to questions in the topic.

3. Timely publication of up-to-date news about DAN.

4. Constructive neutralization of possible negativity directed to the DAN platform.

5. Spam, abuse, negativity and insults are unacceptable!

6. The availability of basic knowledge in the field of fintech and blockchain.

7. The publication of news and answers to questions must be done within 24 hours from the moment of their appearance on official DAN resources.

8. Participants with negative trust will not be allowed to participate in the bounty DAN campaign.

9. Every week the moderator checks your activity. Upon the completion of the task, bonus tokens are calculated.

10. Otherwise, the task is closed without payment for the current week. To resume participation, you need to select a new task in your account


Bounty Bonus: Weekly.


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