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Comments with mention of DAN in thematic subreddits

Comments with mention of DAN in thematic subreddits
Comments with mention of DAN in thematic subreddits 2018-05-18T09:38:57+00:00
In Reddit a large number of publications about crypto-currencies, ICO and the whole blockchain. Under each of them you can write comments. Complete the publication with your constructive commentary, which mentions the DAN project.


1. Write a constructive comment that refers to the DAN and is relevant to the topic of the publication.
2. The publication under which you leave a comment should be in full or in part devoted to the procedures for conducting an ICO, Token sale, or blockchain.
3. There should be unobtrusive advertising for the DAN Token sale procedure in the commentary.


1. A maximum of 2 comments are paid per day (s).
2. Your comment should be constructive, and not look “paid”. We do not need spam, it only calls negative to the DAN. (What is spam in our understanding is below).
3. At the time of the Task check, your comment should be visible to everyone. To prevent your comment from being deleted, you do not need to spam, publishing the same text everywhere. Write your comments in the context of the article, you can respond to someone’s comment. Context (from the lat. contextus – “connection”, “communication”). You need to “connection” what you comment with some information about the DAN.
4. Try not to use links in your comments. Since they immediately get into spam and become invisible to other users.
5. For each post it is allowed to make no more than two comments with mentioning DAN for all time from each user. Except for a meaningful dialogue.
6. You can not write the same comment under different posts, all comments must be unique.
7. The language of your comment should match the publication language. Failure to comply with this clause may result in a fine of 500 tokens!

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