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Comment below the posts of our subreddit

Comment below the posts of our subreddit
Comment below the posts of our subreddit 2018-06-30T05:53:38+00:00
Every day we publish new posts in our subreddit. You can support our publications with your likes and comments.
Link to the subreddit of the DAN project https://www.reddit.com/user/danservice

1. Write a comment under any post of our subreddit.
2. Like a post, which you comment.
3. The comment should be constructive, meaningful (minimum 100 characters) and without negativity.
4. You can ask not a provocative question or vice versa to answer someone’s question under the post.


1. For 1 day a maximum of 1 comment is paid. All comments must be constructive and not look “customized”.
2. Avoid using links in your comments. Since they immediately get into spam and become invisible to other users.
3. Each post is allowed to make no more than three comments from one user. Except for a meaningful dialogue.
4. You can not write the same comment under different posts, all comments must be unique.
5. The language of your comment should be English. Failure to comply with this clause may result in a fine of 500 tokens!
6. It is prohibited to create posts in Russian. Such publications will be deleted along with the comments.

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