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Mass media

Mass media
Mass media 2018-05-19T04:18:00+00:00

1. Placement of articles about the DAN platform, bounty campaign, referral bonus program in Internet media resources.

2. The whole content must be copyrighted. Copying and translating other people’s articles are prohibited (content will be checked for uniqueness)

3.You can use our official images, logos, graphics and charts from our website.

4. Articles must contain at least 1500 characters.

5. The article should contain at least one link to our website.

6. For each media task, we can accept no more than 2 articles from one user with an interval of at least one week between articles.

7. Media platforms we share on media-blogs and media-sites. If you can post information yourself on the site directly or through moderation, we consider this to be a media-blog. If you want to post on the site, you need to send the article by email to the editorial office, we consider this a media-site.